Lock it! Don’t Lose it!

Help us, Help you!

Over 90% of residential property crimes in Bullard are crimes of pure opportunity: where individuals have left valuables in unlocked cars, unlocked sheds or open garages and an opportunistic thief takes advantage. Please! Help us, help you! Lock your cars and keep valuables out of sight. Lock your sheds and secure your garage. It’s a habit we can develop that will inconvenience only 1 group of people: those that would steal from us!

If you’d like a Bullard police officer to assist you in evaluating your residence or business for security, we’re glad to help! If you have any information or tips relevent to helping solve an issue call us anytime at 903.894.7788 or email us.

Lighting is Good!

As cliched as it may sound, thieves love the cover of darkness. Help thwart their efforts with good lighting around the exterior of your business, especially around door and window areas. Keeping some night lights on inside will assist a patrolling officer in detecting any motion from inside, as well. 

Motion lights around residences can be a powerful tool in keeping away potential thieves.

So, You Finally Bought That Nice, New Big-Screen TV?

Whether you finally bought that nice, new big-screen TV or that lawnmower you’ve been dreaming about, or that cool bike for your kids, there is 1 thing you can do to help law enforcement locate your item and nab the bad guys if your item(s) was to be stolen! Record the item’s serial number and keep it in a safe and secure place. We’ll be able to serve you better if the items is lost or stolen and your insurance adjuster will be grateful, as well.

You Won’t be Bothering Us

See something that just doesn’t look quite right? Your instinct is probably correct and even if it isn’t we don’t mind the call, at all! Call or email us anytime to report suspicious activity or a problem in your neighborhood. If we cannot solve your problem, we will gladly direct you to a service to assist you.

Contrary to how law enforcement is portrayed on some popular television shows, the police "in the real world" rely heavily upon information provided by the public. DNA and fingerprints and forensics are not magic and no where near as easily obtained as on TV. We need you and your assistance. Call or email us. Tell us what you know or have heard. That is why we are here. No matter how many police officers are deployed to the field, it is logistically impossible for an officer to be everywhere. Your communication is vital in the partnership we all need. 

In working together we can obtain the highest possible quality of life in Bullard!