Want to become a Bullard Police Officer?

Blank Patrol Officer BadgeThe Bullard Police Department serves a community which is undergoing exponential growth. The department strives to provide the highest caliber of Police services to the community. In 2005, six officers were employed at the department, and as time has passed and our city has grown, we have employed the necessary man power to successfully protect and serve the community. As of 2022, we currently employ 15 men and women with the expectation of further growth. The Bullard Police Department prides itself with supplying Officers with top of the line equipment, and we are constantly seeking out new technology that will make Officer duties easier and more efficient to the community in which they serve. In these efforts, the Bullard Police Department participates in a joint multi-agency Special Response Tactical Team. This team will respond to any high-risk incident in which a tactical team is needed within the entire county of Cherokee and City of Bullard.

Officers who serve this community have special attachments to the citizens and their families. Officers have an opportunity to provide unique services unknown to other departments of equivalent size and structure. The administration and department culture are directed toward community policing, and the active and aggressive pursuit of criminal organizations, human smuggling, and illegal drug trafficking.

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How to Apply:

Complete application packet and submit via email or bring in person to:

Bullard Police Department
204 W Main Street
Bullard, TX 75757