City Council Meetings

The Bullard City Council invites and encourages the public to attend all Council and Boards and Commissions meetings. 

Council Agenda

Public comments regarding agenda items: Any citizen wishing to address the Council regarding an item on the agenda may do so after filling out a speaker card at the registration table and handing card to the City Secretary so that the citizen may be recognized by the Mayor when that item is considered.

Citizen Participation

Council Members welcome public testimony. During regular City Council meetings, there is one opportunity at the beginning of every meeting for citizen participation. Speakers are asked to sign the sign-in sheet and to be conscious of the limited time available to those who wish to bring a matter before the council; therefore, each citizen shall not exceed five minutes, unless the speaker's time is extended by the consent of the City Council. The Council may not address any issues not listed on the agenda, however it may receive information.

Citizen Participation: Any citizen wishing to address the Council regarding an issue not on the Agenda may do so after rising, giving name and address. The Council may not address any issues not listed on the agenda, however it may receive information.

Council Highlights

  • Minutes are taken at every public meeting and include the date, time and place of the meeting; the names of members present; the substance of all official actions; a record of roll call votes; the names of all citizens who appear officially at the meeting; and the subject of citizens' testimony.
  • A quorum is a majority of Council members. The Bullard City Council consists of six members, including the Mayor, who does not count in the quorum, so three Council members constitute a quorum for regular meetings, and four Council members constitute a quorum for called meetings. An affirmative vote of a majority of the Council is necessary to transact any business at a City Council meeting.
  • An ordinance is a piece of legislation passed by Council in accordance with rules that are not inconsistent with State Law. Captions of ordinances with penalties are required to be published in the newspaper after they have been approved by Council.
  • A motion is a verbal action taken by the Council that must be seconded and approved by a majority of council for it to pass.
  • A resolution is a written action taken by Council on a non-legislative matter that usually establishes Council policy or directs certain administrative actions.
  • A consent agenda consists of non-controversial or housekeeping items required by law that are passed without discussion and with a single vote of approval by a majority of Council members in an effort to expedite Council business. Items may be considered individually by any Council member making such request prior to a motion and vote on the consent items.
  • The regular agenda consists of items requiring individual consideration by the Council.
  • Council and Manager comments occur during staff reports at each meeting. These comments relate to items of public interest: Announcements regarding local or regional civic and charitable events, staff recognition, citizen commendations, traffic issues, upcoming meetings, informational updates on city projects, awards, acknowledgement of meeting attendees, birthdays, requests for the City Manager to place items on upcoming agendas, and condolences.


Accommodations and modifications for people with disabilities are available upon request. Requests should be made as far in advance as possible, but no less than 48 hours prior to the meeting. Call 903-894-7223 ext.109 or email with questions about accommodations. 


If you have any questions about how you may participate in the governmental process, please call the City Secretary’s office at 903-894-7223 Ext. 109.

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