City Manager's Office

The City of Bullard operates under the Council-Manager form of government. As designated by the "Board of Directors", the Mayor and City Council, elected by the citizens of Bullard, the City Manager is appointed and serves as the Chief Executive Officer for the City. 

The City Manager manages the day-to-day operations of the various departments and staff, directing delivery of services and executing all city policies and ordinances. In addition, the City Manager and his staff guide all goals and strategies of the city operations including future city development and expansion of services.


  • Implements City Council Policy
  • Encourages and provides for citizen input regarding City operations, services and programs
  • Engages in special studies and projects to ensure productive operations
  • Serves as liaison to other governmental entities
  • Prepares the annual budget, submits it to elected officials for approval and implements it once approved
  • Manages the day to day operations of the City
  1. David Hortman

    David Hortman

    City Manager
    Phone: (903) 894-7223 ext. 105

  2. Raiven Allen

    Raiven Allen

    City Manager's Assistant
    Phone: (903) 894-7223 ext. 105