2017 Water & Wastewater Rate Study

A Committee of 17 residents and local or Bullard business owners was put together to review the rate study completed by a consultant who specializes in this field from the Texas Rural Water Association.  This rate study is something that the City Council has been talking about for the past few years.  City manager, Jay Abercrombie said “We have never really known exactly what it costs the City to pump, treat and sell a gallon of water.  We have never known what it costs the City to pump and treat a gallon of wastewater.  Now we have a tool that we can use to budget annually for the proper reserve to help replace our aging infrastructure.  This will save Council from having to look elsewhere to find the revenue such as property tax rate increases.  Now the water and wastewater fund will support itself.”  The new rate structure will have an increase in the rate for water and wastewater. This increase affects residential and commercial users alike.  More information is available below on how this change will affect your utility bill.