1. Bullard City Council Presents Kindness Award

    Bullard Mayor and City Council gave first Kindness Award at the city council meeting this month. See story for more information!
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Bullard Offers First Ever Kindness Award as City of Kindness

TonyJohnsonSkinner Kindness Award 1-2019

The City of Bullard recognized one of its own at the monthly city council meeting held on January 8th.  Mayor Pam Frederick, along with Bullard Police Captain Jeff Bragg and Officer Michael Skinner, presented the first Kindness Award to Mr. Tony Johnson for his extraordinary act of kindness and compassion toward another. At the meeting, Mayor Frederick stated, “It’s no surprise to anybody that [Tony] is the first official recipient of our Kindness Award.” 

*Pictured at left: Captain Jeff Bragg, Officer Michael Skinner, Recipient Tony Johnson, Mayor Pam Frederick. 

To view the video of the presentation, please visit us at Bullard Youtube Channel

The Kindness Award was born out of Bullard joining the City of Kindness movement a year ago. The City of Kindness organization encourages and promotes the culture of kindness to grow society together as a whole. 

Bullard is currently gearing up to promote several different ways to publicize the program. As a City of Kindness, Bullard hopes to encourage:

  • seeing the need for kindness in our city today
  • challenging local citizens to teach and spread acts of kindness toward one another
  • promoting kindness through everyday encounters
  • publicly recognizing extraordinary acts of kindness with our City of Bullard Kindness Award, given by Mayor and City Council.

The public can get involved by submitting instances where they witnessed an act of kindness, and the City of Bullard will share those publicly through social media and website outlets. You can also log acts of kindness with the city Kindness Counter through the city website, Don’t forget to tag and share using the city social media outlets, which are Facebook @CityofBullard, Instagram @CityofBullard, and Twitter @cityofbullard.

Kindness Award submissions of extraordinary acts witnessed can be made directly to We will have a link up shortly on our website to showcase guidelines for this award.